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Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Genuine Eyewear

 Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Where did they come from?

John A. Macready, the US Army Air Corps Colonel at the time, invented sunglasses specifically for aviators to reduce the amount of glare from the blue and white hues of the sky.

These sunglasses would make it easier for the pilots to navigate the sky and improve their visibility at high altitude. The first prototype was developed in 1936 and was called 'Anti-Glare'. The frames were made of plastic and had green lenses that solely filtered out the glare granting the pilots full visibility of the sky. In 1938, the sunglasses were modified with metal frames for impact resistance and were branded with the name 'Ray-Ban Aviator'. 

 Here are some of our favorite celebrities wearing the Ray-Ban Aviator.

ray ban aviator celebrities angelina jolie


ray ban aviator celebrities tom cruise

ray ban aviator celebrities jennifer anniston

ray ban aviator celebrities brad pitt


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